Brent Birnbaum

Artist Statement/Press Release

For a decade I’ve been collecting materials that have potential to transcend their initial design and purpose, becoming something more in my work. eBay and Craigslist are my resources. Sometimes I spend thousands of dollars and years collecting something only to realize it’s not as good as an idea as I originally thought.

Collections in this category: Obama T-shirts, Snuggies, prayer rugs, mouse pads, cereal boxes, 6-pack boxes, Benny & Jerry’s pints, medicine boxes, board games, energy drinks, aluminum cans with Native Americans on them.

Collections still with potential: pigeon feathers, Vanilla Ice memorabilia, Dennis Rodman memorabilia, embroidered jean jackets.

Collections turned into successful artwork: 68 pieces of Ikea furniture, used condoms, rotary phones, Adidas track pants, 3 years of Obituary headlines from the New York Times, 27 vintage mini fridges with faux wood grain doors.

For Sanctuary, I present new sculptures from my latest collection – treadmills, or spelled backwards - sllimdaert.